Saturday, October 16, 2010

Want to play with Miku but don't have a PSP?

Here's your answer.

It's a fanmade PC version of a Project Diva engine. It's not too advanced, but at the moment the gameplay is exactly like the PSP version. It is a little strange to set up and install, as you have to change your regional settings to China, but from there it's smooth sailing. Just make sure you have all the things necessary(Direct show and directx files, etc). I think you can edit the files to change when and how often you hit the notes in game, but I haven't tried it. If that's correct, I assume you can even make your own music and put it in, along with videos.


  1. Been awhile since your last post.

    I should check out this Miku game.

  2. Yeah, I can't think of anything to post. Oh, and lately it's been 'work, go home for a few hours, then sleep', so little time if I remember to post. Been a bit sick and before that I had to meet up with some old friends and console some girl I knew.

  3. That's pretty cool, but I think I'll stick to the psp versions.

  4. Nice, I'll check it out. Keep it up, I'll be around.

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